Sculthorpe isn't just my surname, it's also a beautiful village and civil parish set in the county of Norfolk, in the East of England. The village has a little over 300 homes, and a population of around 700 people.

Google Map of The Village of Sculthorpe
Google Satellite Image of The Village of Sculthorpe, Norfolk 

The Village of Sculthorpe is set in the beautiful English countryside, and in terms of size it covers an area of a little over three square miles.

The Sculthorpe Mill is a charming 18th century mill set atop River Wensum, that flows through it's beautiful garden.  The Sculthorpe Mill has been converted into a wonderful hotel, pub and restaurant featuring bed and breakfast accommodation.

The mill is located one mile south of the parish church, and has been converted into a successful hotel, pub and restaurant that attracts tourists and locals from the surrounding area in the district of Norfolk, a great place for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Sculthorpe Mill, Hotel, Pub and Restaurant in the Village of Sculthorpe 
Sculthorpe Mill, Pub Garden
Sculthorpe Mill, An 18th Century Delight
Sculthorpe Mill, Bed and Breakfast with Excellent Accommodation
Sculthorpe Mill, Cosy Fireplace and Friendly Staff

Breakfast is served every morning in the dining room.

The restaurant in the first floor can be hired for weddings and events, and serves a selection of ales and wines. The pub offers a large beer garden for guests to enjoy, and there's a fantastic Racecourse and Golf Course less than five miles away.

The River Wensum flowing through Sculthorpe Mill gardens
Sculthorpe Mill Gardens are a welcoming retreat
The Sculthorpe Mill swans know a great place when they see it
Sculthorpe Mill and surrounding area will calm, and rejuvenate you
And of course there's fine country ale, only the best
The dining area is charming, cosy and comfortable
Delightful bar area for you to prop up

Here's the Sculthorpe Mill booking page, because you know you want to visit.

Alright, enough about the Mill.  What else is there?

There's a lot of history at RAF Sculthorpe situated just West of the village, that's what.  The RAF Sculthorpe airfield is now a UK Ministry of Defence training area that's been home to airmen and support crew of the UK's Royal Air Force, and the United States Air Force.

47th USAF Bombardment Wing Preparing for a trip to RAF Sculthorpe
Ministry of Defence - Sculthorpe Training Area

RAF Sculthorpe has a long history, and continues to serve.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll update it over time with other interesting facts as I get time.

That's all for now, Adam out!