Adam Sculthorpe is a hardware, software, and people (social engineering) hacker with a deep mil, gov, banking, corporate security, and intelligence background.  In 2004, he pioneered the first click fraud detection software that identified massive frauds affecting online advertisers, and created the Wikipedia Click Fraud page to help businesses understand how click fraud works.

Adam has been a soldier in the British Army, and worked as an undercover technical surveillance and cyber security expert helping stop terrorism.  He developed and executed offensive cyber security capabilities, and cryptographic key recovery techniques against known terrorists and organized crime groups to help save lives throughout Europe, and North America.

In the years after the 1998 US embassy bombings leading up to 9/11 Adam helped identify, recruit, and develop some of the world's most highly-skilled offensive cyber security experts to bolster intelligence efforts, and infiltrate terrorist groups.

Adam's cyber security research as CEO of Clickrisk has featured in New Scientist, The Register, Wired and many other publications, and on radio and television along with his clients stories that also made it into the New York Times, and other mainstream news and TV.

Adam & Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary discuss click fraud on US & Canadian TV

As well as being a cyber geek, Adam has helped sell billions of dollars of security software in a technical sales capacity, along with support and consulting services that protect lives, and trillions of dollars in transactions and assets every day.

Adam runs a number of technology forums, websites and communities that reach more than a million people interested in DevOps, Security and Programming.  

Adam's an entrepreneur who loves getting involved in innovative startups, and is always working on side projects, so if you're working on something interesting then don't be shy.   Drop Adam an email, and let him know what you're up to.

You can reach him at [email protected] or on Signal # +1 (415) 942-8999.